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Imagine not being able to read this.
250 Million primary school-age children don't have to.

Imagine not being able to read this.
250 Million primary school-age children don't have to.

The Problem

Education is one of the most powerful tools we can use to change the world, reducing poverty, empowering women and helping to prevent disease.
Right now, more than 250 million children across the world lack basic reading, writing and math skills. If all students from low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, more than 170 million people could be lifted out of poverty, that's a 12% reduction in world poverty.

Globally, for every year that a child completes of primary school, their earnings will increase by 10%. Children who complete school are more likely to send their own children to school, helping to prevent poverty transitioning through generations.

Girls who get an education are less likely to marry early or be forced into marriage. Education helps to empower women to make life choices, strengthening the belief in their ability to achieve goals. If all women in low income countries completed primary education, the mortality rate for under-5's would reduce by 15%, meaning that almost a million children's lives would be saved each year.

The Solution

To educate more people, more schools need to be built and more teachers need to be trained. Many organisations are working to build schools in communities where there are none for many miles or where schools are in such a poor condition that they are unsafe for use.

Teachers need support and training on an on-going basis to ensure that students are able to learn effectively. Organisations are working with teachers to create innovative and engaging learning environments for children.

For many, being able to afford an education is out of the question. That's where organisations that enable supporters to sponsor a child steps in. Sponsoring a childs education is an effective way to help shift families out of poverty.


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